Job Number:
5393 LO
Based on Experience
Laura Oriani
P: 216-455-1429
(800) 338-1257





Primary responsibilities:

1) Establish the manufacturing process(s) for new parts:

  • Define the equipment / machines to be used
  • Specify the machine settings
  • Identify special tools, equipment or supplies needed for manufacturing the part
  • Perform preliminary time studies to establish the molding process capacity
  • Work with the Engineering Coordinator in the development of the Process Specification document

2) Works on continuous improvement in the manufacturing processes.

3) Performs “troubleshooting” for processes that generate non-conforming parts.

Setup of presses:  Checking the tool to make sure it is mounted right in the press. Press needs to be setup according to what is on the process spec.

First Heat Inspection:  This is done after the press is setup and the mold is at temperature. The first heat is completed when all the parts coming out of the mold are conforming and within machine settings are within the tolerances specified on the Process Specification. If the settings are outside the allowable tolerances the Process Engineer initiates an Engineering Deviation for approval to run production with the deviated machine settings.

Processing of a new mold and part:  A Preliminary Process Specification is created during the launch of the mold. The new part must be processed before it can be handed over to production. To begin with making a part getting weights and temperatures correct to put on the Process Specification. Noting the whole process of making the part.

Continuous Improvement:  When a mold has been running a certain amount of time or a change in supplier of material or other circumstances a time study of that process needs to be done. Take notes of the current process, like machine time, load time of the prep, unload time of the molded part. Do different things to increase production and reduce cost.



Requires a working knowledge of:

  1. Rubber and silicone materials properties
  2. The equipment used in the processing of rubber and silicone materials.
  3. Cold and hot extruders of rubber and silicon materials.
  4. Milling of rubber and silicon material.

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