Six Resume Killers and Four Game-Changers

There are plenty of ways to ruin a résumé, but there are also many ways to make it shine. On the "bad" side, little more than one-third of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they're seeking. Applicant tracking software—programs that read résumés—eliminate three-quarters of the unqualified applicants. During the human part of the review process, recruiters spend an average time of only 5 to 7 seconds looking at a résumé. The upshot: You have to make a quick—and positive—impression to get their attention. To provide guidelines, we're presenting the following six résumé killers and four résumé game-changers, as adapted from recent postings from Glassdoor. The tips cover everything from building substance to formatting and proofreading to coming up with objective statements. It's also key, experts advise, to create a résumé template that's flexible enough to customize for every job you seek. Potential employers will appreciate the fact that you went beyond a cookie-cutter approach and crafted a résumé that speaks to the requirements of the specific position.

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Via Dennis McCafferty for Baseline Magazine

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